Saturday, 19 January 2019

Class: the Artist

Ah, the artist. A sensitive soul, accompanying our band of adventurers in search of inspiration. Despite their talents lying somewhat outside the normal activities of an adventuring party, they can be surprisingly useful.

Experience: The Artist levels up at the same speed as a Thief/Rogue/Specialist/Whatever
Hit Dice: d4
Attack chance & Saves: as a Magic-User
Weapons & Armour: if your system restricts weapons & armour, then the Artist can use any weapons (and shields), but cannot wear armour.
Field Paintings: when presented with an unusual or impressive sight - which might be a strange landscape, monster, magnificent chamber in a dungeon, supernatural phenomenon, or something else - the Artist can make a painting. Doing this requires an hour of safe, uninterrupted work, during which the artist can freely access their subject. A painting can be sold to art collectors, like any other treasure (and the party gets XP for selling it). It's probably worth 500 silver for most paintings. The subject must be something unique or previously undiscovered to be worth anything; the point is that it captures the essence of something truly remarkable.
Wisdom Modifier: An artist's perceptive nature gives them an unusual insight into their surroundings. Their Wisdom modifier is treated as being +1 better.
Alertness: An artist is surprised less often than other characters (only a 1-in-6 chance), similarly to an Elf.
Mapping: If an artist is mapping for the party, then their skill at making quick sketches, measurements etc means that doing so doesn't slow them down at all; the party can move at full speed and still have an accurate map.
Equipment: Proper artist's materials cost the same amount as a thief's tools.


  1. Interesting class in sense of generating their own 'treasure' from the delving experience, so even if the place is scarce, there is still a chance to get something out of it.

  2. I like it! I bet an Artist would thrive in the Gardens of Ynn!
    "an hour of safe, uninterrupted work" --- I already imagine the rest of the party fending off random encounters and wandering monsters while the Artist is trying to get *just* the right color for that strange purple rock, look, it's such a wonderful view!

  3. Favorite class of the year so far. I'll use this. I'm picky. Thanks.

    1. What happens, if anything, when this class levels up? Saves and HD increase?

    2. Saves & Hit-dice, and if your system has to-hit improve, then to-hit does too.

  4. 1 hour? At best some sketches with tonal and colour 'notes' and directions for painting up at a later time maybe... 500 silver for a sketch? Don't think so.
    And yes I'll take the challenge of being able to draw wearing armour.
    Alertness??? Not when drawing. Too busy making thousands of calculations drawing from life... And that alertness? Only if well practiced with life drawing... Hence artists accomplished in drawin' and painting from life having 'shifty eyes'. And mapping is drawing so anyone wearing armour cannot map for the party? I look forward to a more well thought out version of this type of character.