Wednesday 17 January 2018

Chronological Aberrations

A monster I made for Esoteric Enterprises. Kind of vicious and hard to deal with unless the party have specific magic or start just throwing their treasure at it as improvised weapons.

Chronological Aberration
This creature has been set a few milliseconds perpendicular to the normal flow of time.  The Aberration is visible only as an empty space that is uncomfortable to concentrate on; without magic it is near-impossible to perceive directly. Where it goes, the flow of time proceeds oddly and in jitters. Clocks nearby go wrong, machinery stutters and glitches up.
When viewed by those likewise outside of the normal flow of time (or to True Sight), it appears as a child-sized blowfly, hanging in the air as if hovering.
It’s not really interested in you, unless you irritate it first.
Chronological Aberration: 6 flesh (6 dice), 4 grit (4 dice). AC 9. Saves 5+. Chronospheric Syphon (+0, d20 years aging). Never gets a save against time-related magic.  Immune to physical damage (including fire, electricity, weapons and most magic) unless that damage is dealt by something made of Gold. 
Gold, due to its lack of corrosion, is unusually time-stable and it interacts with things made of gold as if  were physically present.
It’s mere presence has a 3-in-6 chance to dispel any Permenance-d effect. Likewise, it’s presence has a 1-in-6 chance to dispel a Contingency-d effect and an additional 1-in-6 chance to set the effect off as soon as the encounter starts.
Characters under the effects of
Time Stop can attack it freely, but it can also act in each round that the time stopped character does. If time stop is cast on it,  rather than freezing it in time, the first casting instead brings it into the main time-stream for d4+1 rounds. Characters affected by Hurl Through Time can likewise act against it each round until they pop back into existence, just as if both they and it were present normally.
Characters under the effect of Haste  are outside the time-stream just enough to see and interact with it as if it were physical.
Against those outside the main time-stream, its attacks merely deal d4 damage.
If Senescence or similar is cast on it, it deals 1 damage to flesh for each year the Aberration would be aged.

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