Thursday 24 September 2020

Dead Girls In Sarkash Forest - Layout Experiments

 Some layout stuff I've been fiddling with. 

Inspired by the Mork Borg core book, I've been doing things a little differently. Big high-impact layouts, making text bigger and only putting one (or a few) bits of information on a page rather than picking it in. Eclectic in look, with a mix of fonts, art styles, etc. Like making each page as a poster, almost.
All the art is by dead people.

Anyway, here's some of the spreads I'm more pleased with.

In other news, I was on Chris McDowell's (of Electric Bastionland fame) podcast, talking about narrative wargames. Maybe give it a listen.


  1. The Assassinated Princess is my fave.

  2. I don't know jack about layout or design, but visually they're very striking. Not a big fan of white text on black backgrounds, but at least the text is large enough for it to still be easily visible.

  3. This is incredible, Emmy.

    Really exciting.