Friday 17 November 2017

First (ish) post

So! I got a blog. Again.
I had a blog before. It was found here but, unfortunately, I lost my login details. Even more unfortunately, the recovery email I put in had a typo in it, so some total stranger presumably had a brief but intense torrent of spam emails asking if they wanted to re-set the password to a blog they'd never heard of.
So, instead, after a lengthy absence, here I am.

This blog's gonna have sporadic stuff that I write on it. I'll talk about the games I run (currently a Wolf-Packs & Winter Snow game at my old university society), play in (currently a big ol' Vampire the Masquerade campaign online), and write.
Speaking of writing, I write games. I put out Wolf-Packs and Winter Snow, which is basically stone-age weird-fantasy oldschool D&D with neanderthals and aboleths in it. Work is in progress (mostly proofreading) to get it into print.
I'm writing another game, Esoteric Enterprises. It's early days still. It's gonna be about occult-crime gangs exploring a nasty under-city of sewers and crypts in the modern day. Aesthetics are all black metal and hard drugs and blasphemous cults and gangsta rap. 'S gonna be the fucking bomb once it's done.

It's 4AM. More when I have the brain for it.

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